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I started out in Commercial and Real Estate Photography after working many years in the corporate world.  Once my son came along, I was naturally pulled into family, children and newborn portraits.  I grew my business working with thousands of families photographing them to create portraits and personalized wall art.  Eventually, I grew eager to learn something new and challenging all while still working with children.  A friend reached out which lead me to start training with a Medical Photographer in one of the largest hospitals in Dallas, Texas.  From the beginning I was hooked and threw myself in completely to Medical Photography.  I was specifically hired to be a Pediatric Cranial Facial Medical Photographer which is exactly what I joyfully did everyday for almost 10 years before moving my family to St. Croix US Virgin Islands in March 2020.


Mostly self taught in my early 20's when I could never pin point exactly what I wanted to do with my life.  A creative mind never sleeps, changes their mind often and is never afraid to fail to try something new.  It's all a challenge!  I completed a full photography course with New York Institute for Photography and Studied with the lead Medical Photographer in Dallas, Texas.


My photography has given me many opportunities to photograph unique events.  I have photographed Dr. Kenneth Salyer, Founder of the International Craniofacial Institute.  He was a giant in the Craniofacial Surgery, the surgeons I worked for studied under Dr. Kenneth Salyer.  In 2013 I was among only 50 organizations World Wide to represent the media during JFK's 50th Anniversary in Dallas, Texas.  I have traveled all over the Caribbean and photographed the most beautiful people and places.

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